History: The New Millennium

All comments by Jennifer, so expect some bias here....


Chicago TARDIS, Requiem Resolution

Steve and I worked throughout January to get Traumaturge ready for premiere at Gallifrey in February. Then we sort-of took it easy until August, when we filmed Requiem Resolution. Then I found myself volunteering to come together with programming for Chicago TARDIS some six weeks before it happened.


Chicago TARDIS, four-in-one filming, Shadowcast work

In January, we filmed The Six Minute Guide to Fanwank for premiere at Gallifrey.

I recruited Steve and Rob for Chicago TARDIS staff (heh heh heh!). We worked on the Shadowcast script throughout the spring, then found we couldn't film during the summer due to not having access to where we were going to shoot. And since we would be busy in the fall with Chicago TARDIS, we elected to push off filming until 2002.

That didn't stop us from getting together one weekend in September to film four separate 6M2s we had scripts for, just so we would have new product to show at both Chicago TARDIS and Gallifrey. Holiday premiered at CT.

Steve branched out by appearing in Chronicles of Who's Bill Filer: U.N.I.T. Operative. Rob did the Filer music, as well as music for several audios produced by the Australian group BTR Productions.


Shadowcast, X-Files ending, Chicago TARDIS

last updated 21 February 2002

We premiered Grave Wisdom at Gallifrey, although it will still need some tweaking before it goes online. Shadowcast will be filmed April-June, with probably a 6M2 spoofing possible X-Files endings done either before or in conjugal with. And of course, we're planning on Shadowcast premiering at Chicago TARDIS.