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Moon: 1999 Photos

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Card playing played an important part in the production. (L-R: Jill Petillo, Dennis Kytasaari, Doug Freedman) But it looks like they're having a little fun filming, at least.
The cast looks to the sky. (Isn't that a Rick Springfield song?) What's so fascinating, anyway? Download and find out! (l-r: Jennifer Adams Kelley, Robert Warnock, Gail Freedman, Kris Herzog, Mike Olson, Kathy Warnock-Meyer)
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More of the same, but if you look closely, you can see the Spanish Inquisition peeking around Kathy.... Scully and Mulder flash their badges. (L-R: Kathy Warnock-Meyer, Gail Freedman, Jennifer Adams Kelley, Robert Warnock)
moon8.jpg (8089 bytes)
Mulder and Scully look up.... (L-R: Robert Warnock, Jennifer Adams Kelley) Something must have been amusing....
moon7.jpg (7601 bytes)
See? The Doctor and Peri do so appear in the film. Just not with everyone else. (Steve Hill, Jennifer Adams Kelley) Steve takes a publicity photo. (L-R: Steve Hill, Jennifer Adams Kelley, Robert Warnock)


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