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Scully and Skinner discuss what happened to Mulder.
A sneaky way of introducing "our" Mulder....
"we know what you think of your adoring fans...!"
The fans are just sooo happy to have him in their control!
And Mulder's not too thrilled.
Taking clothes off may be Mulder's only way of escape.
See? We leave no doubt as to whether he's wearing the cross!
Searching for clues.
"Look...I'll do anything you want!"
Oooh, don't we look tough here!
Our reaction when the scene stopped: "Cool!"
"You never have anything on you, do you?"
Heh heh heh checking for evidence just like on the real show.
Set-up for the next installment....
See, it's not just the fans who want a piece of Mulder...!




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