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The Six-Minute Guide to Fanwank

by Steve Hill

Fifth Doctor Robert Warnock
Sixth Doctor Steve Hill
Tenth Doctor Mike Olson
Nyssa Jennifer Adams Kelley
Generica Steve Hill
Sarah Jane Valerie Kelley
The Master Chris Broholm
Girl in Classroom Jennifer Oberth
Hand of Fate Dave Broucek
Camera Mike Olson
Steve Hill
Production Assistants Chris Broholm
Jennifer Oberth
Editor Jennifer Adams Kelley
Music Kneel McCulloch
Script Editors Robert Warnock
Jennifer Adams Kelley
Additional Material By Dave Stone
"Doctor Who" and its elements are copyright  the British Broadcasting Corporation and no copyright infringement is intended.
Special Thanks to: William Rainey Harper College
The Kelley Studios
Chris Brainerd
Shaun Lyon
Paul McCartney
Produced and Directed by Steve Hill
2001 The Federation
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