History: The 1990's

All comments by Jennifer, so expect some bias here.


Visions '90

By 1990, we were all very much on separate paths. Mark, Jeff, and Chris got terribly into brewpubbing, Rob and Steve got into the industrial club scene, and Jennifer got more involved with traditional female fannish activities (i.e. writing stories for fanzines and the like). Most everyone attended the first Visions, with Jennifer actually on staff running the costume contest.


Editing RoT Time Festival Jennifer's wedding Visions '91

Steve decided we actually might as well edit Reign of Turner, so he and Rob and Jennifer got together at Dennis' house weekly throughout the summer doing the ol' 2-machine edit. In August, Rob, Steve, Dennis, and Rob and Steve's girlfriends went up to the Time Festival in Minnesota. Jennifer went, too, but separately, and got a good laugh out of the girlfriends. 

Then in October, Jennifer got married, and didn't invite Jeff and Mark (Chris had already left the area), because she saw no reason to have people who didn't actually like her at the wedding. Rob, Steve, and Dennis all came, and swore on the videotape of the event that they would never, ever appear in a film of her's again. (HA!)

The next month, Visions '91, Jennifer again on staff, and everyone else in attendance. 


Visions '92

Everyone did their own thing this year, with the exception of seeing each other at Visions.


30/10 Documentary of sorts Visions '93

For the 10th anniversary of the Federation (and the 30th anniversary of Doctor Who), Chris decided to put together a documentary of sorts about all the Federation productions, drawing heavily from both It's A Wonderful Regeneration and the MST3K-style abuse of Reign of Turner that he, Mark, and Jeff had done. We actually had a fan video room dedicated to the Federation at the con, and spent the entire weekend showing our stuff. Jennifer got added responsibilities (cabaret and opening/closing ceremonies), and scored Steve a gig running the dance after the Masquerade.


Visions '94

Everyone at Visions '94Another pointed Jennifer comment: For some reason, Jeff suggested that we all dress up in costumes at one point in the convention. I couldn't, since I was on staff, and Dennis didn't because he didn't play that, but everyone else did. (Doesn't Jeff look fetching in my "Twin Dilemma" outfit?????)


Mark's wedding (?) Visions '95

Mark got married, but the wedding got called off at the last minute because his fiancee didn't want any Federation types (especially Chris and Jeff) there. We all got together at Jeff's and had a party anyway in their honor. Visions was Visions-- Rob and Steve actually spent a lot of time in the autograph lines. They also helped with Opening Ceremonies.


Reediting Reign of Turner Visions '96

Steve suggested we go back to RoT and edit it on proper equipment (which he finally had access to at work) and also shorten it from it's 2 hr 10 min length. We slogged to Harper almost every Monday night for editing. (Jennifer had to drop out in September because she was way too pregnant to waddle the long distance from the parking lot to the editing suite). Rob and Steve agreed to be Jennifer's lieutenants at Visions '96,  and also did the first Mysterious Theatre 337.


Steve's wedding Visions '97

Steve got married in August, and was honeymooning in England when Princess Di died. Otherwise, it was more of the same at Visions.

It was at the volunteer party afterwards where he dropped the bomb. "Say... how about doing another video?" he said to Jennifer. Her jaw dropped, she was amazed... and then they started jamming on ideas into the tape recorder Steve had on him. Soon after the con, Rob came on board.


Realitywarp Visions '98

We spent the winter and spring working on the script for Realitywarp, and then July and August (and a little bit of September) filming it. We edited right up to the premiere weekend (at Visions '98). Rob and Steve continued lieutenanting at the con as well as doing Mysterious Theatre 337. Jennifer continued running special events and the main programming room. At the bar one evening of the con, Steve told everyone else about a concept he had for someting called  a "Six Minute Movie." 


The Six Minute Movie site, Doctor Files, Moon: 1999, Traumaturge

Jennifer volunteered to run the 6M2 site, since Steve said he didn't have the time. She also came up with the first idea for a 6M2. Memorial Day weekend, we went to Mediawest*Con to try to sell videotapes. While in the pool, we were talking about how boring Thanksgiving weekend would be with no convention-- and then one of us said "we could always make a movie that weekend." Thus was the idea kernel for Traumaturge born. We filmed Moon: 1999 in July, and Traumaturge in November/December.