Flake's 7: The Motion Picture

Oh, man, what a production this was. A spoof of Blake's 7, in case you haven't figured it out.

The Plot

Damn! You know, I'd have to actually watch it again to actually summarise the plot, so until then, please make do with the following photos.

The crew investigates. (Chris Brainerd, Rob Warnock, Pat Reardon, Mark Christensen, Sue Warnock) Flake (Chris Brainerd) and Avon (Pat Reardon) argue while Jan (Mark Christensen) removes a vital component. On board the ship. (Rob Warnock, Sue Warnock, Chris Brainerd, Jennifer Adams, Pat Reardon, Mark Christensen) Servaspam (Kathy Warnock) and Twavis (Dennis Kytasaari) plot.
Avon repairs Omen while Jenny watches and Jan reacts. (Jennifer Adams, Pat Reardon, Mark Christensen) Flake (Chris Brainerd) gives the backstory. Another ship shot, but this time you can see the really keen computer effect. Avon (Pat Reardon) and Flake (Chris Brainerd) argue again.
Avon (Pat Reardon) threatens Jan (Mark Christensen) while Flake and Jenny (Chris Brainerd, Jennifer Adams) look on. Teleporting down. Twavis (Dennis Kytasaari) meets up with his soon-to-be-hostage (Tim Kasper) The crew surround Travis (Dennis Kytasaari)
A gratuitous butt shot. Yumola. Avon corners Twavis and his hostage. (l-r Dennis Kytasaari, Tim Kasper, Pat Reardon) The crew meet up with the Doctor (Pat Engle). Avon calling. (Pat Reardon)
Token Star Trek joke. (l-r: Chris Brainerd, Dale Thelander, Dennis Kytasaari, John Wirth, Pat Reardon) Token Star Wars reference. Flake (Chris Brainerd) comforts a dying Servaspam (Kathy Warnock).

Jennifer's Memories

I spent a lot of time on the road during this shoot. I had to cruise up to Vernon Hills and/or Libertyville with some frequency. We worked with a cable company--Centel, now absorbed into the big blob that is Ameritech (unless AT & T has it now)--so we filmed things in an actual studio and used actual editing equipment and had actual effects. We also used real equipment (meaning 3/4") on location for the first time.

Here's another case, though, where I don't remember much actual detail. Then again, I wasn't too emotionally involved. I didn't write it, I was stuck behind the camera most of the time (and playing a really boring role the rest of the time--although I did get to utilise the "sleazy blonde wig" for the first time (something that popped up on no less than three people in S-A-V-E-W-H-O)), and I didn't give a rat's ass about the source material. (Despite assumptions to the contrary, I have never, ever really liked Blake's Seven. Too depressing.)

I do remember some stuff, though:

  1. We were all suitably impressed with Chris managing to score permission to film stuff in Libertyville High School.
  2. Rob had to miss some filming dates because of his slave labor status at Great America. Chris declared by the end of the shoot that Mr. W. had missed 95% of the shooting.
  3. Duct tape came in handy in making the Avon outfit.
  4. It was really hot the day we filmed the restaurant blowing up bits, and I had made the mistake of wearing heavy jeans, so I came close to passing out.
  5. Chris, Rob, Pat Reardon, and myself performed the theme in Chris' basement sitting around a buncha couches.
  6. John Wirth had no clue about being Doctor McCoy. I'm not even sure he had ever seen Star Trek.

Then there's the Night of Death. But I have been advised not to go into detail, in case any of us run for office at any given time. So, for the record, we haven't been that stupid since, and I am not going to dignify your questions by giving you an answer. I'm not going to play the game. George W. Bush is my role model in this. So there.