Cabaret! (1986)

written by Chris Brainerd, Jennifer Adams, Rob Warnock
directed by Chris Brainerd
A BBS-TV Production 1986
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Yep, a spoof of celebrity cabarets, which had already become tedious and boring by the time 1986 rolled around. (I daresay we've been jaded for decades now.) The photos at the bottom of the page pretty much sums the production up.



Colon Baker

Steve Schiller

Nichole Bryant

Jennifer Adams

Peter Davidson

Rob Warnock

Eric Huffman

Alan Morton

Anthony Ailing

Charles Morley

Sarah Sudden

Jennifer Adams

Mark Striken

Rob Warnock

Frazier Heinz

Paul Vnuk

Janet Fieldthing

Sue Warnock

John Haitian-Turner

Chris Brainerd

Tommy Baker

Lloyd Baker

Lalala Ward

Sue Warnock

Michael Grate

Charles Morley

Patrick Trofton

Patrick Reardon

Richard Frankin

John Wirth

Gary Downy

Rob Warnock

Jon Pewee

Chris Brainerd



Paul Vnuk
Steve Schiller
Lloyd Baker


Alan Morton
Jennifer Adams
Chris Brainerd
Steve Schiller
Rob Warnock

Written by

Chris Brainerd
Jennifer Adams
Rob Warnock

Special Thanks:

Will LaDuke
Columbia College
Eric Hoffman
John Nathan-Turner

In Tribute To:

The original performers in the Doctor Who Celebrity Cabarets

Executive Producer:

Jack Daniels


We was hypnotized!

Produced By:

The Federation and BBS-TV Productions

Directed By:

Chris Brainerd
1986 BBS TV


John Haitian-Turner gives the judges their instructions.
Colon has his way of relieving stage fright...
...and Peter has his.
Michael Grate, Lalala Ward, and Tommy Baker served as Cabaret Judges.
Tommy especially loved his job.
Anthony Ailing does "My Kind of Town..."
...but the judges gonged him. JHT consoles Anthony here.
Sarah Sudden sings "The Boy I Love," but faints part way through because of all the stress.
Richard Frankin does his standard "Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me a Bow Wow."
JHT and Janet Fieldthing give their rendition of "Anything You Can Do."
Gary Downy and Nichole Bryant do a dance...
...but Gary trips Nichole up and she goes sprawling.
Colon Baker sings "Lord, It's Hard To Be Humble..."
...and did not appreciate getting gonged by Tommy.
Afterwards, Eric Huffman makes a remark and gets a donut shoved in his face in response.
Patrick Trofton seeks some of Peter's lubrication...
...before taking the stage (briefly).
Eric Huffman takes the stage. JHT is so thrilled.
Who'd have thought that real life would mimic a Fed video.
Nichole returns to the stage to sing a fik based on "The Ballad of John and Yoko..."
...and falls down, thanks to Peter trying to stand up. (He passed out two pictures ago, weren't you paying attention?
Frazier Heinz and Mark Stricken do the perennial "Doctor Who Had a Farm."
"Shut the f*ck up, Eric."
Jon Pewee mimes sewing his hands together, and draws real blood.
Peter isn't too happy with this performance...!
JHT gives the judges their instructions.
When Tommy announces that the winner is himself, Lalala and Colon take the matter up with him.