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Other Federation Member Sites:

Video'Zine information can be found over on Steve Hill's site. Also maintained by Steve: an excellent Doctor Who image archive.

Dennis Kytasaari's Episode Guide Page has been written up in Entertainment Weekly several times. It has now regenerated into

Other Fan Video Sites:

Homegrown Productions:  our favorite fanvid producers (next to ourselves)
Back to Reality Productions: Australian-based fan audio and video, with music frequently by our own Robert Warnock.
Ryan K. Johnson's films. True classics.
Mini-UNIT Minstrels. Buncha looneys up in Minnesota, who got into the parody business because we were doing them.
Time and Again, another version of the ninth Doctor, and cool because Dennis Kuhn came to our fan video panel at HME/Visions '98.
Time Rift. Here's the reason the Federation has gone back into business. There's also a spiff link collection on the site that's way more comprehensive than this page will ever be.

Other Recreationist Sites:

Y'know, we're not the only ones who try to recreate our favorite media experiences. Check out these other fine sites:

Sound Magazine: A Tribute to the Partridge Family. Damn! Wish I thought of it first (and could find other people to do it with)! 

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