Never Say U.N.C.L.E. Again (Affair) (1984)

Written and directed by Jennifer Adams

Ooooohkay.... here's another production that I would have to actually watch to summarize, and since I can't be arsed, here's a photonovel of it all:

Number 6 (Pat Reardon) resigns. Number 2 (Dale Thelander) threatens. Steed and Mrs. Peel toast each other. (Chris Brainerd, Kathy Warnock) The New Avengers strut their stuff.  (Jennifer Adams, Chris Brainerd, Steve Schiller)
Purdy confronts Illya and Napoleon. (Jennifer Adams, Dennis Kytasaari, Rob Warnock) Fight sequence. Illya (Dennis Kytasaari) finds a clue. The Saint (John Wirth) and Number 6 (Pat Reardon) hang.
The Saint. (John Wirth) Everyone trying to figure out what's happening.  The New Number 2 (Kathy Warnock) explains. There's a happy, romantic ending, though!