April 13, 2002

In retrospect, you could tell it had been quite some time since we filmed something long-form. It certainly took us long enough to get going. 

Rob and I got to Harper College (where we're filming a good chunk of it) about 9:40 a.m., donuts in hand. Mike, Wil, and Steve had already shown up; we went inside the IT area, put our things down on the conference table just inside, and proceeded to hang out. 

About 10:30 or so, Steve brought us in to look at where the day's scenes were going to be filmed. We took about 90 minutes to set it all up... meaning we didn't start filming the first scene until noonish.

Rob and Steve work on setting up a Powerpoint presentation to appear on a computer monitor during a scene.

The first several scenes involved just Rob and Wil's characters.

Wil and Rob wait to film one of their scenes.

Other than holding the odd whiteboard to help with lighting on close-ups, I didn't have much to do. (I seem to have fallen to the bottom of the food chain as far as doing crew work this production.) Good thing I had my Handspring with me.

I'm holding the whiteboard, Steve is using a flashlight for extra light, and the whole thing is pretty makeshift!

Once the Rob and Wil scenes were filmed, we broke for lunch (heading to Steve's favorite eatery on the planet). 

Mike runs the camera as Wil and Rob do a scene.

When we got back, Steve and I got into costume, and we did several more scenes-- some just the Doctor and Peri, some with Rob's character, too. We finally wrapped around 6 p.m. 

Mike hangs behind a computer console to get an interesting angle.

The day's work-- although long-- wasn't too difficult. And we took time to have some laughs.

"Too Legit 2 Quit!"

(Mostly over Rob's pants.)

"It's Hammer Time!"

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