April 20, 2002

Rob and I were not even 10 minutes away from Harper when Rob's cell phone rang. Mike was calling-- he and Bryan and Wil were already at the school, and wanted to know where we were. Heck, it was 9:40 a.m. We were on time, as far as Federation standards were concerned. Besides, Steve got there after us.

It took awhile again to get going, in part because we had to do some work to set up the room. We also had to figure out the blocking, so we could figure out how to light it best.

Wil, Mike, Rob, Bryan, and Steve work on plotting out blocking.

Most of the morning was spent in camera rehearsal, with perhaps the first quarter of the scene shot. (The scene was 5 pages long.)

Mike practices a camera move while Bryan reviews lines.

We also did a great deal of line running, too...

Rob and Bryan wait for an "action" cue.

...to make sure we were getting everything right and on cue.

Rob rehearses holding the blaster in a scary way.

Once we started, though, we kept going straight through, even sending our Boomhauer du jour on a food lift so we wouldn't have to lose time by going out to eat.

Filming the start of the scene....

We worked hard throughout the day, wrapping up again around 6 p.m. (We went out to dinner afterwards.)

Doesn't Peri always have a gun pointed at her by the climax of the story?

I think we were all glad that we would have the next weekend off....

What in the world is Steve doing with that printer?????

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