May 4, 2002

Back in action again, after a week off.

We spent the morning doing scenes involving various crew members in various hallways in the base. Some really heavy acting.... like going up to the door and opening it. Once we had done all the scenes that didn't involve the Doctor and Peri, we decided to have an early lunch (at noon, instead of the 1:30-2 we had been managing the previous two shoots).

Rob and Bryan, surprised that the camera came out....

After lunch, we did scenes involving Dexter and Peri, and the Doctor and Peri. The other scene on the docket had to wait until Mike returned, since it involved The Doctor, Peri, and Fiske (aka the three people who knew how to run the camera, aka everyone there at that moment). We rehearsed lines and hung out until Mike returned. Then we did the scene and called it a day around 5.

Rob and Steve work on their lines.

The following day, Rob realised we missed filming a scene, so we will have to pick it up next time. Also, I managed to lose half the photos taken in the uploading to the computer process. (My computer's been giving me erroneous drive full messages, which apparently interfered with uploading photos. I didn't realise that there was a problem naturally until after I had erased the shots from the memory card. Grrrr....)

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