Publicity Photos

The crew of the base (Wil Roysdon, Robert Warnock, Bryan Gruszka)
Blake and Dexter (Wil Roysdon, Bryan Gruszka)
Blake and Fiske (Wil Roysdon, Robert Warnock)
Fiske and Dexter (Robert Warnock, Bryan Gruszka)
Blake, the crewman possessed. (Wil Roysdon)
Fiske, the pilot. (Robert Warnock)
Blake, the Doctor, and Dexter (Wil Roysdon, Steve Hill, Bryan Gruszka)
Dexter argues with the Doctor, as Peri looks on. (Bryan Gruszka, Jennifer Adams Kelley, Steve Hill)
The Doctor fixes the transmitter. (Steve Hill)
The Doctor searches for information. (Steve Hill)
The Doctor (Steve Hill)
Peri (Jennifer Adams Kelley)
The Doctor and Peri worry about weird console readings. (Steve Hill, Jennifer Adams Kelley)
Something definitely isn't right within the TARDIS. (Jennifer Adams Kelley, Steve Hill)
The Doctor fixes a component as Peri observes. (Steve Hill, Jennifer Adams Kelley)
The Doctor and Peri (Steve Hill, Jennifer Adams Kelley)

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