How many videos has the Federation made? What are they all about, anyway? Look below for an alphabetical listing with brief descriptions.  Some titles even have more information; follow the link to see.

The answer to the first question is "29", by the way.

A Doctor's Carol (1985)

The sixth Doctor must relive Christmas memories of his previous selves. (25 min.)

All Doctors Great and Small (1984)

A time dissolve has forced the characters on Doctor Who to assume roles in All Creatures Great and Small. But what nefarious creature has control of the video switcher—and both programs? (28 min.)

Cabaret! (1986)

   A behind the scenes spoof of American Doctor Who conventions’ cabaret, with performances rates a la The Gong Show. (27 min.)

Clue??? (1987)

Television’s most infamous spies and detectives must solve the mystery of why they’ve all been invited to a country mansion before they’re knocked off. (Take-off on the movie Clue.) (34 min.)

Clue 2???? (1988?)

More of the same, but this one remains lost. It was filmed and edited, though. 

Doctor Who and the Holy Grail (1986)

Doctor Who meets Monty Python, with the sixth Doctor as King Arthur. (18 min.)

Doctors on 33 (1985)

MTV, Doctor Who style. Includes "The Time Warp" done with a buncha Doctors and companions. (21 min.)

Flake's Seven (1984)

Roj Flake and his band of renegades set out to destroy Star Un—and man, is Servaspam pissed! She sends Twavis to take care of them in this spoof of Blake’s Seven. (47 min.)

Flake's Seven II: the Wrath of Jan (1986)

The latter seasons of Blake’s Seven get their come-uppance, with a healthy helping of other crossover parodies thrown in. (22 min.)

Hitchhiker's Guide to Gallifrey (1985)

Doctor Who meets Hitchkiker's Guide. The long-lost production, this video remains unavailable to this day.

It's A Wonderful Regeneration (1988)

It’s A Wonderful Life, with the sixth Doctor in the Jimmy Stewart role. Not available, sorry.

Never Say U.N.C.L.E. Again (Affair) (1984)

The men from U.N.C.L.E., the New Avengers, and the Saint find themselves stuck in the Village with Number Six. They must stop the evil entity that brought them all together before they end up killing each other (or before Number Six tells why he quit). (29 min.)

Peter and the Doctor Factory (1986)

A live performance, with Doctor Who characters in roles from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. (Taped at Tardiscon, Saint Louis, MO, 1986)

Realitywarp (1998)

The vortex has been damaged, altering realities and trapping the Doctor and Peri. Who has the keys to freeing them and stopping the destruction? A couple of actors by the name of Colin and Nicola do.

Reign of Turner (1988-1996--really!)

Colin Bayker—buoyed by Matrix tapes showing exactly what JNT did to the series—enlists the help of Peter Davidson and Nicola Briant to restore sanity to the show. (Parodies everything from "Robots of Death" to "Dragonfire.") (83 min.)

S-A-V-E-W-H-O (1985)

In order to keep Doctor Who on the air, the BBC resorts to a pledge drive to raise production money…and shows a documentary on the show’s history to encourage subscriptions. (54 min.)

That's Federation (1993)

A compilation of the best (or worst) moments from Federation productions. Not available, sorry.

The Chipmunkees (1986)

The Federation takes on The Monkees. Enough said! (26 min.)

The Five Doctors Booh (1983)

John Nathan-Turner tries to eliminate the first five Doctors so that his Doctor—#6—will reign supreme. But is it JNT? Who’s really behind the plot to destroy the Doctors? (41 min.)

The Six Minute Doctor Files (1999)

Doctor Who meets The X-Files in the first production made under the 6 Minute Movie concept. The sixth Doctor ditches Mel and gains Mulder and Scully as companions. (5 min. 7 sec. plus credits)

The Six Minute Grave Wisdom (2002)

coming online in May 2002

The Six Minute Guide to Fanwank (2001)

Count how many fanwanky elements you can spot within the film! (approx. 6 minutes)

The Six Minute Holiday (2001)

The Doctor and Peri go on holiday.  But which Doctor is she with? Not even the Doctor knows for sure! (approx. 6 minutes)

The Six Minute Moon: 1999 (1999)

A commentary on how according to Space:1999, the moon's supposed to go PING into outer space on September 13, and how people might actually sit around waiting for it to happen. Oh, yes, and how Scully might get pissed off at Mulder for being fished in by it, and how the Doctor and Peri arrive...and depart right before something happens.... (approx. 6 minutes)

The Six Minute Requiem Resolution (2000)

Our take on how the seventh season X-Files cliffhanger should have been resolved. (approx. 6 minutes)

The Time Lord From U.N.C.L.E. (1986)

The fifth Doctor and Peri, stuck at the Chicago U.N.C.L.E. field office, must assist Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin in stopping a time-travelling bad guy. (35 min.)

Thirteen Lives to Live (1986-7)

Improvised multi-part soap opera in which Omispud tries to eliminate all seven Doctors. But will the Doctor ever find out what his mother has to do with it all????? (various running times)

Traumaturge (2000)

The Federation has made a traditional two-part Doctor Who story featuring the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa. (32 min.)

Who on TV (1988)

Two spuddy Doctor Who fans cut school to watch TV. Their overactive imaginations lead them to see Doctor Who people in other shows. (32 min.)